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Photobash collection from the past few years

Personal projects


I merged together several photos to create the final look what I’m imagined. Key part of the process to color match the images, cut them out precisely, size them, match the perspectives. And last but not at least, overpaint the image, extend the photos with some painted details, and another important thing the final color grading. This last step makes the image pop.

HACACÁRÉ website design

Hacacáré website design

Agency: KDO products Zrt
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Mallorca Files

The Mallorca Files

BBC production
Production design by Michael Fleischer Directed by Bryn Higgins, Charles Palmer, Gordon Anderson, Rob Evans
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KORAI website redesign

KORAI Fejlesztő Központ Website redesign
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A24 production
Production design by Henrik Svensson Directed by Ari Aster
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